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Our Research section deals with studying the world’s best practices, breaking down the components, enriching them with new technical contents and reassembling everything in order to give innovative solutions to the customer.

Energy production plants today are an important resource not only for energy production itself but for a series of factors that gravitate around it.

Our partnership with M-Group allows us to include our products in multi-scale and multi-functional projects that embrace various sectors including urban redevelopment.

Currently our research and design team deals with giving innovative solutions to urban development projects through the production of renewable energy from biogas.

At the local level, in Sicily as well as throughout Italy for example, the management of the waste problem is sometimes not accompanied by a good knowledge of the technological and economic opportunities that our solutions could offer. The plant is seen as a foreign body and in antithesis with the environment and with sustainable development. Globally, in newly built metropolitan areas, sustainable development is put in the background compared to the development of energy plants that remain purely industrial realities.

We are concerned with overturning these concepts and making all the factors of energy and environmental development converge towards a healthy development of the territory.