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The quality and precision of our work are guaranteed, as well as by the decades of experience of our operators, by a cutting-edge machinery including some CNC machines. Our production site has an operating area for laser cutting, which allows you to work safely even on large formats. Thanks to the great energy released in one point, the laser cutting allows working on different materials, such as Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Plexiglass and MDF.

The peculiarities of this technology are the high cutting speed, the negligible amount of material removed and the consequent reduction of production waste. The laser cutting guarantees extremely high precision and does not require further processing of cleaning and polishing of the cutting edge.

Some machinery of our company:

Calendering – Press machines – Welders – Laser machines – shearing machines – drills – Lathes – cranes – Vans – Forklifts – Manitou