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Biogas is an alternative resource for producing renewable energy from residual materials (crops, animal and agricultural waste, industrial waste, sewage sludge and FORSU, ie the organic fraction of municipal solid waste) through anaerobic digestion and subsequent cogeneration .

A biogas plant is used for the reuse of resources by disposing of organic waste, to reduce the environmental impact, to produce fertilizer, electricity, heat, ammonium sulphate and even biomethane.

Biomethane is the fuel that is obtained from the purification of biogas through appropriate chemical-physical treatments. It is suitable for the subsequent compression phase for the introduction of natural gas into the network.

The SBM deals with the construction of biogas plants: tanks (digesters), piping, mechanical assembly in general, stainless steel tube heat exchangers and internal heating coils of the operator.

Choosing a biogas plant means transforming the company from the inside without distorting it. The biogas plant starts a virtuous circle thanks to which the production cycle becomes modern and advantageous because the by-products and organic residues of the agri-food industry become real resources that produce electricity and heat, saving energy costs.

The next frontier of biogas is called biomethane. Biomethane derives from the refining and purification of biogas, in order to bring the methane concentration higher than 95%. This generates an advantage not to be overlooked that is the environmental one. With biomethane coming from the OFMSW (Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Wastes) it is possible to transform waste into a resource and open wider prospects from an ecological point of view and from a circular economy. In fact, biomethane can be used as a biofuel for motor vehicles, compressed and transported on tank wagons, being introduced into the national distribution network and still liquefied and converted into LNG.

Our staff, in addition to design and construction, is specialized in the management of biogas plants and raw materials.