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Thanks to the experience gained over the years and the presence of qualified technicians, we use the most modern and sophisticated CAD-CAM computerized design systems for the executive design of the metal products of our own production.


We offer a service of laying in structures works using cutting-edge equipment, ensuring timely delivery and always placing professionalism and skills in the forefront.


We are able to submit our work to a production of sandblasting and painting, through an accurate degree of preparation of the substrate surface and through specific painting cycles designed for the most varied protection needs.

The first cycle is dedicated to sandblasting, a meticulous cleaning of the surfaces from incrustations and residues with a high-pressure sand jet.

The second cycle is intended for painting. Among the various types of industrial painting, to ensure the fire resistance of metal products, we also use intumescent paints that, in contact with fire, develop a heat-insulating carbon pressure that can slow the increase in the temperature of the fire and the income collapse of the metal structures.

We can also subject the metal products to the hot galvanizing treatment, which provides a high protection against possible corrosion of the structure and is characterized by the immersion in a 450° C trough of the processed / semi-finished products, ensuring a fusion between the zinc layer and the steel layer.